Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Cycle: Reframed
Technique: acrylic, wood, canvas
Year: 2017
Realization: Petr Dub
Photo documentation: Zdeněk Porcal
Space: Administration Office
Architect: Studio Delicode

Two years ago, we met architects Václav Derner, Silvie Dernerová and Peter Požár and it is the obsession with art, architecture, material and the sense of detail certainly, which certainly connects us. We have simply found new partners in the studio, with whom we cooperate not only while taking pictures of their executions but also while doing artistic interventions such as this one on Krocínova Street. The entrance hall of the studio, with a specific decoration in the form of sports jerseys, was a challenge and the combination of a circle with a vertical creates a graphic trademark defining itself from the classical system of the picture in the frame. In this case, Reframed returns to its own installation start.