Masarykovo náměstí

Location: Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic
Cyklus: Reframed
Technique: acrylic, wood, canvas, steel
Year: 2013
Realization: Petr Dub
Photo documentation: Zdeněk Porcal
Space: Candy Shop
Special thanks to: Miloš Zduba & Petr Kamenický 

The family firm U Zdubů was founded on 9.9.1991 and it has become a local legend. We first had the opportunity to sample their especially tasty products at the openings of some exhibitions, which later led to personally getting to know the whole family. The installation at Velká Býteš was from the beginning planned in a space inaccessible to their customers, i.e. in the production and back rooms of the company. Of importance in this case is especially the crossing over from public into the intimate space. The sweets shop and the butcher’s have by their nature a clearly defined commercial, that is, a public, function. However, they are built upon the legacy of generational know-how, use of their own family home in the city centre, and the intimate interconnection of family relationships. The specific nature of the production process and its arrangement is not in this case based on employee anonymity, but rather on individual self-fulfillment.